BnKToTheFuture: Investing in the Future of Finance

One of the listed digital assets on Huobi Pro is BnKToTheFuture’s BF Token, currently trading at $0.16, an almost 100% increase from $0.10 ICO price. You can sign up a free account on Huobi  Pro and start trading BF Token. Other exchanges that list BFT are Ethfinex and, with Huobi accounting for 45% of $1,000,000+ 24hour volume. As a way of enlightening users and showcasing interesting projects, every week, Huobi organizes a talk show. Huobi Talk is watched by thousands, as thousands of dollars worth of airdrops are distributed during the show to viewers. This week’s episode will be featuring Simon Dixon, Founder and CEO of BnkToTheFuture, where he will be giving his insights on banking on the blockchain, what the future holds for the space and BFT.

BnKToTheFuture is an investment platform, founded in the UK and formerly located there, but now in the Cayman Islands. Their almost 50,000 strong investor members, makes BnKToTheFuture the largest online investment platform narrowing in on businesses in the FinTech, blockchain and crypto market. Having a long list of successful businesses  its investors have invested in, two of them will be briefly highlighted, Bitfinex and Bitpesa.


Storj, a cloud sharing platform built on the blockchain is one of BnkToTheFuture’s successful investments. The startup had an investment goal of €800,000+, which it exceeded 300% by raising €2,000,000+ via convertible notes. Storm sought to solve the problem of centralized cloud storage such as about an hour downtime yearly, high vulnerability to hacking and expensive to access.

Spreading its tentacles to Africa, BnKToTheFuture successfully invested in Bitpesa, an international B2B blockchain based payment solution for Africa. Founder, Elizabeth Rossiello and her team were able to raise €2,000,000+ in funding for the crypto themed payments solution for frontier markets. Bitpesa works by moving money directly from your bank account to destination account without the long drawn expensive process of multiple conversions.

After a successful token sale, BnKToTheFuture is not done yet, they have got loaded plans yet to be executed. One of such, according to their roadmap is the plan to partner with an exchange (probably Huobi) to launch a secondary market for full tokenized securities. Other plans for the year include replicating the tokenized securities marketplace in 10 more places and develop BnKToTheFuture index for blockchain and crypto companies listed on their website.


Tune into Huobi Talk this Thursday to hear from Simon. You can also comment any questions you have during the talk. Feel free to participate in the airdrop, by first registering your free account on Huobi Pro.

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