Crypto gambling and online games – What you need to know

Gambling has always been an inseparable companion of human civilization. In Greece, even philosophers were observed in gambling addiction, and the authorities in Sparta and Rome were forced to impose a ban. People were playing at home and in underground institutions, even when they were silent about the authorities.

All the time people play for money or goods equivalents: jewelry, clothing, food and other property as far as houses and ships. It is natural that in this era of digital money you are going to be able to play games with crypto. The first one is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin features described many times, but I remember exactly why it is most suitable for Internet Gambling:

Anonymity of the owner

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies don’t guarantee full anonymity of all participants of the payment system, but significantly limit the possibility of their identification. In fact, of course, it is not so perfect, and if you want to calculate the owner of Bitcoin it is still possible that it was proven that the FBI when you caught SilkRoad the owner of the underground market. But this is a mistake of a particular person, and the cryptocurrency now has the highest level of anonymity. Especially considering new developments such as Darkcoin and Cryptonote.

Decentralized structure

Bitcoin has a single Translation or Banknote Issue Centre, so it is impossible to control or prevent. This allows you to play online gambling among citizens of countries where it is prohibited, for example in the United States or the Arab states. Processing of instant payments. You can win in bitcoin without additional controls, commissions and other delays. Currently, Bitcoin and other crypto countries occupy a large segment of the online gaming market and do not leave it again.

Digital money has long since ceased to be a prerogative of casinos and is used wherever there is an element of fun and excitement. In this article, we will briefly discuss all areas of cryptocurrency gambling.

Bitcoin Casino

The first online casinos cooperating with Bitcoin appeared at the beginning of 2013 and since then Google has been releasing more and more links on request. The most famous of these is the SatoshiDice casino, with which many threads are connected, both large winnings and losses, as well as attempts to cheat the system. This game resource creates a noticeable transactional traffic on the Bitcoin network.

We should immediately divide the casinos that work with cryptocurrencies into two groups:

“Conventional” online cash registers that accept crypt/currency as one of the ways to replenish the account and withdraw profits.
The casinos that were originally created for crypto-currencies and are the only means of payment.

From the first group casino, it is clear – these are large organizations that have all the necessary licenses, and Bitcoin is just another way to pay without the anonymity of the customer. The casino initially focused on Bitcoin, is a completely different matter. We do not quote any ratings or reviews, interested parties can learn everything, but we will immediately answer what should be on the Bitcoin-casino. this support technology

Sufficiently fair or justly fair game. This is a revolutionary method of confirming the reliability of the draw, which became possible only after the arrival of the cryptocurrency. In order to confirm the equal opportunities of participants, special password signatures are used, unique to each bet and participant. Players can check their stakes at any time and make sure that everything is a fair game and that there are no robots, fake stakes and other tricks so common in a “normal casino”. All information shall be transparent and shall be available for inspection at any time. If the website does not support this technology – they leave immediately, despite all promotions and discounts.

There are also Bitcoin casinos available in a mobile version, such as the Cloudbet website, so you can spend money from your tablet on your smartphone.

Poker and crypto-currency

Now there are no problems with Bitcoin to play poker. All players – the biggest poker room PokerStars and controlling bitcoin poker sites, such as SwitchPoker, provide full support to work with a cryptologist.

Sports Betting

The bookmakers also keep up with the technical progress, and the fans of the plant did not remain on the sidelines. Bitcoin bets and other cryptocurrencies accept sports betting. com and There are bookmakers who accept bets not only on events but also on the future odds of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies in online games

Communities of cryptographic currency holders could not ignore the creators of computer games. Popular, like Minecraft, they have been working with them for a long time, but Spells of Genesis became the first audience-oriented Bitcoin game.

In addition to the use of the currency block for communication between players, Bitcoin is based on the economy of the game and the real story. During the game, participants gain on the objects crypto games (mine) and can be exchanged for real money Bitcoin then withdraw from the system.

Although the leader of Bitcoin as a means of payment for gambling, the other cryptovalent also tries to take his place in the market. Such cases have so far been isolated. Alternatives can be called DiceLiteCoin, a dice game where Litecoin is used as a payment tool. The site was opened in March 2014, supports manual and automatic trade, uses Provably Fair, is a version for smartphones and tablets. The casino commission is only 1%, which increases the popularity.
Gambling on altkoynah – quite promising sphere of investment games, and it is safe to assume that it will grow dynamically over the next few years, especially as the new crypto appears constantly, which means that excitement of their owners requires a way out.

Bitcoin in Las Vegas

Despite the fact that the status of Bitcoin is not fully defined even in the USA, Las Vegas opened this crypto valued cantor. With the ban on gambling in Nevada using electronic money, exchanging bitcoin for cash back and forth was very useful for players. The machine allows you to get Bitcoin or cash using your fingerprints, phone number or a special PIN code as a verification.

Can I win?

Is Bitcoin Casino a real winner? The question is popular and rather stupid. Of course, this is possible, and the probability of winning a bitcoin is the same as in “real” money. Do you think that topping up your card balance in a casino registered in Bermuda gives you more privileges than Bitcoin? The answer is obvious and there are examples of big winnings.
At Casino, a player under the nickname “Nakowa” was able to disrupt the pot for the amount of 11,000 BTC, which at the current stake was almost 1.3 million USD. It was not easy, and before drinking champagne, the same player fell 100,000 dollars. Everything as always – to earn a lot, you have to spend a lot.

Prospects of crypto-currency gambling

Like any new company, crypto-currency gambling is developing dynamically and there is still no significant redistribution of the market. But rapid growth will inevitably result from the emergence of large players and the creation of business rules, above all interaction with Member States’ regulatory authorities. For example, the Tax and Financial Policy Department of Spain has already aligned Bitcoin with payment systems and requires a license from a casino with a currency cryptor. And if you look at it without unnecessary hysteria to restrict freedom – there is nothing wrong with it. Let serious players stay in the market and there will be no situation when 37% of casinos are mere fraudsters because the anonymity of the crypt currency helps not only players but also those who cheat. For players in the Russian Federation the situation is doubly difficult, because, in addition to the fact that gambling is prohibited, the cryptocurrency in Russia may soon be banned.

Let us summarise. The Internet provides a full range of services for the bitter owner of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Have fun, but don’t forget that the casinos have ruined many famous people.

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