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ICO List

This list is a selection of the best Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects in the cryptocurrency space. The projects listed are blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures that are either seeking to raise funds or are already in the fundraising phase through token crowd sales.

The list is largely reliable considering that each ICO project has been dissected and vetted to ensure that the tokens being offered to investors are of some intrinsic value that can be realized or commoditized as and when token holders chose to use them in a value exchange transaction.

In as much as the projects on here have been researched and passed as meeting the basic requirements that characterize a credible blockchain project and consequently viable tokens, it is imperative that visitors conduct their own due diligence and research on the individual listed projects.

It behoves on each and every investor to ensure that the requisite studies about projects in this ICO list are done so as to avoid throwing coins at projects that might not give them any Return on Investment (ROI).

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